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dark web mystery box ebay

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Baby 6. Sporting Goods 8. Art 3. Specialty Services 1. Pet Supplies 1. Travel 1. Format see all Format.The Mystery Box is a package containing some content s that remains unknown to the recipient and the Mystery Box can be purchased online via a darknet marketplace. The Mystery Boxes were there for quite some time and had gained immense popularity and now the YouTubers are creating videos about their contents.

The dark web is filled up with various kinds of products from drugs, ransomware to weapons and fake Ids and a lot more.

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However, people have been pretty curious and anxious of the Mystery Box as it contains several unknown items that is attracting the YouTubers to purchased the Mystery Box with hundreds of dollars and review them. The boxes are one of the causes that they are gaining immense views on their channels.

But one thing that might be or rather could be possible that the boxes have been bought from eBay. The unboxing video showed that his box contained an iPad, a Motorola cell phone, a black gooey and smelly substance, a red stained screwdriver and some more products.

Some of the other YouTubers have received stained knives, pack of cards and some mysterious powders. Due to the fact that there are inadequate rules and regulations in the dark webthere could be possibility that some of the Mystery Boxes could contain toxic and hazardous substances, weapons, bombs or clearance inventory. During the unpacking, the customers might get them into adverse health issues which were spotted with some YouTubers who experienced such things days later of their unboxing.

Rand Corporation Digs deep into the Dark Web. Please enter your comment!

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Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Cashgames from Bitcoin. Dark Web Link - April 15, 0. CEO of Mt. Load more. February 17, Darknet Vendor Shops April 11, Mimicking the bizarre unboxing phenomenon of a few years ago, YouTubers have racked up millions of views buying unidentified items from the shady, unregulated corners of the internet — sometimes shelling out hundreds of pounds to get their hands on them.

Other YouTubers have received knivesmysterious powders and dripping-wet underwear. And while some are sceptical that all of these YouTubers are actually getting their gear off the dark web eBay also sells unidentified, mystery boxesone tech expert says he has seen similar things lurking around the dark web and believes the whole trend could be incredibly dangerous.

See our list of 30 Scariest Books ever Written. If we think of internet infrastructure — the physical cables that transmit digital information — as a series of lanes on a highway, then darknets are service roads that run parallel to the main thoroughfare but can only be accessed with certain vehicles.

These were usually drugsi. On the digital black market, transportation is the name of the game. If mystery boxes are filled with leftover inventory, there is a good chance that customers are receiving bottom-of-the-barrel contraband that failed to sell on its own. ShortList is now ad free and supported by you, the users. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. Learn more. By Harvey Day. One YouTuber, Jude Somers, has got more than 4 million views on his mystery box opening video.

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dark web mystery box ebay

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The Scariest Dark Web Mystery Box Opening

Your product's name. You could receive one item worth the value of your box, or lots of items adding up to it or more! These are definitely not your average eBay or Amazon clothing mystery boxes, you won't find another box like this online.

Select your size and join in on the mystery box hype now! Warning: old patent leather roadstas and bapestas are prone to cracking and very serious wear due to age and glue deuteriation Buy at your own risk! When your order is dispatched you will receive an email with your tracking number and link to the carriers website to tell you the current status of your order. Our delivery time starts from the moment an order is accepted and includes a 48 hour period where your items will be processed and dispatched.

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I agree.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Shopping online with eBay just became a lot more fun and interesting with the addition of a variety of mystery box lots.

There is no question that mystery and anonymity add mystique and excitement to life. These engaging and affordable mysterious box purchases will have you waiting with bated breath for your exciting and value-filled shipment to arrive. Companies and other individuals often have overruns and miscellaneous goods that haven't previously sold for a variety of reasons. However, these reasons are not because the merchandise is undesirable; it is just a matter of them having more of certain items in their inventory.

That means that some items just didn't get sold. These items are lumped into lots that are then sold at an inexpensive price, making them a cheap way to get a variety of items at once. Although the contents of the mystery boxes in the UK remain a mystery until they arrive, you can obviously search for categories of boxes.

For example, there are new or pre-owned mystery boxes that indicate that the video games included are intended for the PS4. Following are some other examples of mystery box categories:. The idea of a mystery box is keeping the contents a mystery.

However, each listing will give you a general idea of what's included so you don't need to be fearful of buying nebulous things you don't need. Many of these items have clear descriptions of the categories of the contents.

For example, many of the mystery boxes include some of the items listed below:. When companies have large volumes of items, they often resell them as mystery boxes on places like eBay. They are then considered "distressed" inventory. However, the only reason the items are "distressed" is that there are so many of them.

dark web mystery box ebay

The listings will indicate if the items are new or if there are used items included. The term "distressed" could refer to new items or pre-owned items. Skip to main content. Filter 1. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Only 1 left. Free postage. Random job lot, jewelry, tech, precious metal.Share best practices, tips, and insights.

Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Grab bags can be listed as long as you follow these rules: Identify all contents; the number, quality, or condition of each item doesn't need to be identified. So does that mean Does or Doesn't need to be identified?

Yes, you have to identify what kinds of items are in the box. You don't have to specify how many items, or their quality or condition. Others have listed a Mystery Box without identifying the contents. We get many sellers coming here to complain because their Mystery Boxes were removed and they got temporary suspensions because they violated the policy.

$1,000,000 Ebay mystery box | Dark web/deep web hypebeast

The ones that didn't get removed, just haven't been caught yet, or didn't get caught in time. Just because someone else does it, doesn't mean it is allowed.


How often do you see people speeding? Does that mean it is legal? There are videos on youtube of mystery boxes that were supposedly purchase on eBay, but nobody can know for sure. The chances of a youtuber purchasing your mystery box are vanishingly small.

Much more likely if it sells at all is you will get an unhappy buyer who reports you. Buyers on eBay are looking for great bargains, and they aren't likely to agree with you that your mystery box is worth more than they paid.

Youtubers keep posting here, begging for someone to send them something for free. Fat chance. Sellers on eBay are here to make money, not give stuff away for free. Not allowed. If you are looking to be reassured that it is okay to list mystery boxes, you will not get that validation here. Mystery boxes are against eBay policy because the potential for abuse by unscrupulous sellers is enormous. That's a typical scammy listing from a large seller.

If they're paying to promote it, it's A-OK with eBay! I don't think it violates the Mystery Box rules, in as much as they identify what you're getting It is certainly an abuse of the multi-variation listing format, in as much as the variation is NOT for "main stone" type.

Whether it actually violates policy though is another matter, since eBay in practice appears to be fine with just about anything like the Chinese "bait and switch" type variation listing. If they're adding charges after the salethat's a violation though.There was a time when unboxing videos focused on the fun and geeky merch you'd get from Loot Crate.

Now, what was once an innocent way of showing off your cool products, has taken a creepy and disturbing turn thanks to the dark web. While this deep and relatively difficult to access part of the internet is often used for nefarious activities like selling drugs or stolen goods, merchants on this corner of the web look like they're expanding their services. Dark web sellers are apparently creating "mystery boxes" that contain random and sometimes terrifying objects.

People then purchase the boxes with Bitcoin and open them in videos posted to their YouTube channels. What makes these videos so terrifying is how creepy some of the items in the boxes can be. Traditionally, people tended to buy mystery boxes from eBayand they usually contained completely harmless things like random tech gear, clothing, toys, and makeup.

But these dark web mystery boxes are incredibly different. The eerie packages sometimes contain children's clothes, objects with blood on them, and objects with satanic imagery all over them. Although a lot of this may sound alarming, there's also a strong a possibility that some of these unboxing videos are faked as means of getting views and obtaining ad revenue.

While we hope YouTubers aren't exploiting this new trend for that sweet internet money, there is clearly an audience for these videos. When he opened the box, he found empty iPhone boxes and a small plastic bag with some unknown substance inside of it. Somers first lifts out a package of antibacterial wipes with a note reading, "You might need these.

When Somers dives deep into his box he finds boxing gloves, a Motorola phone, an unknown liquid in a small bottle, a teddy bear, a very smelly fleshy-looking object, a pill, a bottle of cologne, a tiny screwdriver possibly covered in what looks like blood, and an iPad.

$1,000,000 Ebay mystery box | Dark web/deep web hypebeast

Of course there's a strong possibility that the things in the boxes are just random objects from dark web sellers that are meant to troll customers. Jonathan Pace, a postdoctoral fellow at the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford University, told Shortlist"If mystery boxes are filled with leftover inventory, there is a good chance that customers are receiving bottom-of-the-barrel contraband that failed to sell on its own. Even if they are just juicing up stray inventory to scare their customers, it's very effective.

Take YouTuber Kill'emwho inadvertently solidified these videos as a trend and has received almost 5 million views. In them he finds the following: an Xbox, some sort of DVR, a drill, stuffed animals inside other stuffed animals with a package of unknown pills inside the last onea voodoo doll, various creepy objects with satanic imagery, a box full of worn underwear, a little girl's dress, used heels, a ski mask, lingerie, a knife, and a USB stick that corrupts his laptop when he plugs it in.

The video received negative backlash and a ton of dislikes with comments deeming it fake. While this may or may not be the case, the video has nonetheless coined the term "Deep Web Challenge.

This phrasing is slightly misleading considering there's a difference between the "deep" web and the "dark" web. To put simply, the deep web is anything that a search engine can't access - this includes legal documents, scientific reports, and medical records. The dark web is a hidden part of the internet that requires special browsers such as Tor to enter.

It's tempting to laugh this trend off as just creepy entertainment, but Pace tells Shortlist there is real risk, especially with the so-called "stealth packaging" used in some of the boxes. That's the method of storing illegal items inside decoy objects such as resealed candy wrappers, smaller boxes, or in Kill'em's case, stuffed teddy bears.

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